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We will faithfully carry through with SUNGBO Chemicals new vision while maintaining our core values. We are continuously challenging ourselves, through change and innovation, to become “A good company that creates a healthy future.” We strive to become a company that is trusted within and outside of the company through transparent business procedures and decision-making processes. We also aim to be a people-oriented company that thinks about the people we work with and openly communicates with customers.

We will leap forward through change. New technologies are beginning to emerge around the world that will boost productivity in the agricultural sector. In an era where technologies are transforming traditional farming methods (“Digital Farming,” which enables data-based decision making, “Smart Farms” that combine cutting-edge farming solutions with ICT technology and cultivation management of crops to create added value for farmers, and drone applications that help prevent disease and pests), SUNGBO Chemicals, while strengthening its existing crop protection product lines, aims to actively seek new business directions that will assist our farmers.

We will grow together with our customers, placing their satisfaction as our top priority. Our customer’s success is our top priority and we will work to grow together. We will continue to develop high-quality products that our customers need, and provide consulting services beyond the manufacturing and sales of crop protection products. Furthermore, we will do our best to satisfy all customers throughout the process of production, sales, and service.

We, at SUNGBO Chemicals, will continue to contribute to social development and serve our customers with sincerity. We’d appreciate it if you give us your unsparing support.

CEO Jung Sun, Yun