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Sungbo Chemical has been a leader in the domestic crop protection industry since its founding in 1961. SUNGBO Chemicals has set and met agriculture industry standards, producing effective and safe crop protection products.

Domestic agriculture is faced with the problem of quality deterioration due to an increase in disease and insect infestation from continuous cultivation, combined with an ever-decreasing cultivation land area despite need of yield increase in crop production.

In an effort to solve this problem, SUNGBO Chemicals has been consistently supplying farmers with high-quality crop protection products, allowing them to increase production quantity and quality. Ultimately, farmers have been able to achieve stable incomes, along with consumers being able to obtain safe food.

Established in 1987, our research center has been developing crop protection products that are environmentally friendly, excellent in efficacy, and easy for farmers to use. Recently, we have been focusing our efforts on developing new products through joint research with various national and private research institutions, including the Korea Research Institution of Chemicals Technology (KRICT).

We also have nine sales offices providing customer service in each province in order to engage more with our customers. Our customer marketing division in Seoul and our regional offices are fully committed to achieving excellent customer service including surveys on demand, new product development/distribution, training for product use, and follow-up support.

SUNGBO Chemicals is fulfilling our corporate social responsibility through activities in various fields such as arts, education, and community service, in accordance with the management philosophy of honorary chairman Yoon Jang-Sub, the founder of SUNGBO Chemicals: it is our goal and intention to “return corporate profits to society.” Furthermore, we strive to grow together alongside our customers and we actively seek to support farmers through events such as voluntary farming supports.

SUNGBO Chemicals aims to become a 100-year enterprise, sharing our profits with our customers based on trust.

We will do our best to become “A good company that creates a healthy future” and be a reliable partner to farmers.